Contact Lenses

Thinking about Contacts?

There are many contact lens options available. When evaluating your eyes for contacts, your Optometrist will consider your specific eye anatomy (curvature of the cornea, astigmatism, refractive correction), along with your visual symptoms and lifestyle needs. Contact lens manufacturers often claim their product(s) are the most comfortable, but every person will have a unique experience with each lens; what may be the most comfortable for one person may not be for another. When starting to wear contacts for the first time, a patient will receive insertion and removal training and may be given trial lenses (a complementary pair) to see how they feel over time.


Define Contact Lenses J-J-launch-1-Day-Acuvue-DefineNew Products

NEW “Define 1 Days” by ACUVUE let contact lens wearers play with fashion eyewear, while maintaining the benefits of their contacts. Greater definition around the edge of the iris is subconsciously recognized as a sign of youthfulness and can make you appear more alert. Try them out for that important meeting, a night on the town, or as your everyday lens.


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